Healthy school breakfast: what should be on your desk

A balanced breakfast is the key to a successful day for you and your family. The morning meal should consist of carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. There are three categories of products that contain all the necessary substances: cereals, fruits and dairy products. Choose one product from each category and do not forget about a glass of water.

Meat in a healthy student's diet

Meat necessary for the growth and harmonious development of the whole organism. The most useful types of meat for the growing body will be lean veal and beef, chicken, chicken and turkey, lean lamb. It is important to remember: from the time of the last meat intake to sleep should be a few hours. For example, meat soup or stew with cereal or vegetable garnish may be the best combination of meat with other products.

Important components of student's healthy menu

In order to maintain the balance of substances necessary for a growing body, it is necessary to carefully regulate the amount of fatty foods in the diet of the child. The best for the growing body will be those dishes in which the meat is steamed, boiled, baked or stewed. After 7 years, cutlets will be useful (especially if you add to the stuffing is not a bun soaked in milk, and fresh vegetables), stuffed peppers or zucchini, stews with seasonal vegetables. Add variety to dishes from the same product. For example, the liver can be soaked in milk and fried, cooked beef stroganoff, and you can offer your child liver pancakes.

Also, be sure to include poultry in your diet. Vermicelli soups with chicken broth are very easy to prepare and delicious. Minced meatballs are no less delicious.
Remember: the main thing is to keep a balance and the right combination of products. Then the energy obtained through a healthy diet will be an additional aid in the physical growth of the body and in the process of learning. Prefer local and seasonal products, as they are more familiar to our body. In winter, these can be dried fruits, but make sure they are dried, not candied.